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Evaluation of wins and play-offs from our football players with our coach Nihan Su

Fenerbahce Women’s Football Team played KDZ away in the last week’s match of Turkcell Women’s Football Super League Group A. They beat Ereğli Belediye Spor 2-0 and finished the regular season as the leader in the league. After the match, our coach Nihan Su and our football players Ezgi Çağlar, Zanetha Coleman and Sevinç Çorlu made statements to Fenerbahçe Television.

Our Coach Nihan Su: I am proud of my players. We reached our first goal

We played our last game in our group. It was important to win in terms of maintaining our leadership because we wanted to take advantage of the playoffs. We started the game well and put pressure on the opponent. We entered the dressing room advantageously with two goals in a row. I’m proud of my players, we finished the regular season top of the group in our first year. We have reached our first goal. We want to finish the league in the best place with the same enthusiasm and struggle. I dedicate this win to our fans.

Ezgi Çağlar, one of our team captains: I hope we finish the season with the championship

Our team fought well. We finished the first half and the game ahead 2-0. We all won the match together. Our biggest advantage is that we are one of the two teams that conceded the fewest goals and scored the most. Hopefully, we will be the team that conceded the least goals and scored the most goals in the playoffs, and we will complete the season with the championship.

Our football player Zanetha Coleman: It is important to go to the playoffs as the group leader

Congratulations to the entire team, technical and administrative team. Winning was very important to us. And with this win, we gained a significant advantage. We played well. On the way to the playoffs, it was important to win this match and finish the group as the leader. We are very happy for that.

Our football player Sevinç Çorlu: We had good fighting power

We knew it would be a tough away game. Our fighting power was very good. We are well motivated as a team. More challenging opponents await us in the playoffs. We want to do our best there and finish the league with the championship.

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