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Fenerbahçe Beko 67–62 Darüşşafaka (Turkish Men’s U14 Championship)

Fenerbahçe Beko U14 men’s basketball team faced Darüşşafaka in the third and final game of Group A of the Turkey Men’s U14 Championship held in Edirne. Fenerbahçe Beko won the match 67-62 in the match played at Edirne Mimar Sinan Sports Hall on Tuesday, April 26 and finished second in their group and qualified to play the promotion group match.

Ömer Ege Ziyaettin scored 30 points and Ali Özülkü scored 22 points for Fenerbahçe Beko.

Quarterly notes:

1st quarter: 12-15 (Darüşşafaka)
2nd quarter: 26-11 (Fenerbahçe Beko)
3rd quarter: 21-16 (Fenerbahçe Beko)
4th quarter: 8-20 (Darüşşafaka)


Fenerbahce Beko (67): Ömer Ege Ziyaettin 30, Ali Özülkü 22, Mehmet Can Sönmez 8, Efe Baykal 6, Yiğit Sönmez 1.

The Fenerbahçe Beko U14 men’s basketball team will face the Ege Assist team in the promotion group game on Wednesday, April 27 at 11:00 am at Edirne Mimar Sinan Sports Hall. The team that wins this fight will get a quarter-final visa.

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