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Our coach İsmail Kartal rated the Beşiktaş match

After leaving Beşiktaş with a score of 1-1 in the game of the 36th week of the season Ahmet Çalık of the Super League Spor Toto, our technical director İsmail Kartal gave a statement to the broadcaster.

Our coach İsmail Kartal, who started his speech by expressing his message on Mother’s Day, assessed the match as follows:

First of all, Happy Mother’s Day to our world and our country. On the match side, we could have started well, but everyone knows the difficulty of the derbies in the first half. We expected it to be tough and it would be a tough game. Today, when you look at the first half in front of his own fans, the opponent played very hard, he played very hard. The referee gave some permission for such harshness. But when you look at the result, I can say that even in the first half, we couldn’t play the match we wanted until the 55th minute. Because the game stopped a lot, there were a lot of fouls, it was a very difficult game and we couldn’t play our own game by increasing the speed of more balls and keeping the ball in our hands . However, we scored 1 goal, there was 1 ball coming out of the line, and if Serdar hadn’t touched the goal and gone to İrfan, we could have scored 1 more goal, that didn’t happen product, but as a result we fought well today. Everyone knows the difficulty of the derby in the Beşiktaş derby. We came here with this awareness. In the end, we go home by at least 1 point without losing. Like I said, we came here to win, we could have won, but we had to play long until the 55th minute. It was a very tough game, a lot of play was stopped. We couldn’t provide our own game in a set order. The adversary did not allow it either. He didn’t let us play or pass. They played very hard and under pressure with the enthusiasm of their own fans. We couldn’t break that pressure in the first half, but then we started to break that pressure, we stayed calmer, we tried to play more football. This time, we were unable to produce clear positions. The match ended in a 1-1 draw. In the end, I congratulate my players for having obtained 1 point despite everything. I wish good luck to Besiktas.”

Noting that there are many names missing from our team, İsmail Kartal said:Novak played today; Scored 1 goal, caused 2 penalties. It’s not the player here, we came here without 7 of our players. Ok, we don’t have 7 players, but there are players like our key players. Beşiktaş didn’t have 2-3 players either, but we didn’t have the most important key players. Despite this, I think my players on the pitch, at least today, are not looking for them with their struggle on the pitch. Of course, if we could have played today under normal conditions, this match could have been different.” he said.

Referring to the importance of coming back with 1 point from Beşiktaş away game, our Technical Director İsmail Kartal said:There is a Beşiktaş who haven’t lost a home derbies for 12 matches in such an away game. From there, we come back with at least 1 point. Dots are dots. Today we have 5 points between us and the opponent, we will wait for their match tomorrow. After all, we have the advantage right now. We will try to finish second in the championship by preserving this advantage. That’s our whole goal. Next week we will prepare for the Karagümrük match in the best possible way.he concluded.

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