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Our coach Nihan Su and our players evaluated the Kireçburnu victory.

Fenerbahçe Women’s Football Team defeated Kireçburnu 10-1 in the 20th week match of the Turkcell Women’s Football Super League. After the match, our coach Nihan Su and our players made the following comments to FB TV:

Our Technical Director Nihan Su:It was important that we win today. We prepare for all matches with the same seriousness. The play-off matches we will play from now on will be very, very important. We won all the competitions we played, especially in the home court, and I am very happy for that. Our players were enthusiastic, enthusiastic, and had high fighting power. Our lineups were very accurate in the game. We applied the rust studies correctly. Both our wing organizations and our attacks from the center were effective, and we scored well. We gave all the players a chance. It is very important to us that they are happy too. We are on a good track, we will try to get ready for the play-off games by winning the remaining two games and finishing the regular season as the leader. May this victory be a gift to all our fans and our community.

Demet Bozkurt: Our next goal is the championship. As long as we play well, we don’t care much about what the other teams are doing, their scores. The end of this road will be the championship, our fans can trust us.

Mariana Jaleca: We got a good score today. There was a good game on the field. We won as a team and we are happy. We started well in the first half, but our pace slowed down a bit in the second half. But we are working on this in training. We will continue to work.

Goksu Gokce:Today we won by a different score. It may seem like an easy match, but there is no easy match for us. We want to be champions, we have no other goal. We will emerge as the leader of the group and we will never lose in the play-offs, in the quarter-finals, semi-finals and finals. Finally, we will bring that beautiful trophy to this beautiful fan.

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