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Our President Ali Koç was a speaker on financial issues at the Union of European Leagues meeting

On the first day of the 39th General Assembly of the Association of European Leagues, organized by the Association of Clubs Foundation, our President Ali Y. Koç made a statement on the subject of “Turkish football’s financial difficulties”.

“Financial sustainability” was the main theme of the general assembly, which included 80 senior representatives from Europe’s 30 professional leagues and representatives from stakeholders such as FIFA, UEFA, ECA and FIFPRO.

Speaking at the first session of the organization, our President Ali Y. Koç spoke about the financial difficulties faced in Turkish football. First of all, our president, who gave information about himself and our club, said: “I am the president of Fenerbahçe Sports Club, which has the most championships in Turkey with 28 championships. I’m a businessman. We are more than just a football club. These various sporting events that we organize also bring us financial difficulties. Last year, Turkey participated in the Olympics with 108 athletes, 22 of whom were Fenerbahçe Sports Club athletes. Most of these branches have almost zero income. Those who have income do not cover the costs. This imposes a heavy burden on us. How long can we sustain them is a question mark. I’m not saying that the status of clubs should change, but these clubs should be invested by public companies. mentioned.

Explaining the structure of football in our country, our President Ali Koç said: “In our country, elections for club presidents take place every 2 or 3 years, which creates pressure on presidents and managers. The desire to succeed in a short time leads to poor planning. Our league has the highest number of foreign players in Europe. Investments in academies and infrastructure are also very limited in this sense. he said.

Focusing on economic structure and borrowings, our president said, “Before 2012-2013, TL was solid and there was a better structure. This structure has increased the borrowing appetite of clubs. After 2013, TL started to depreciate, but clubs did not cut spending and most of that spending was done on credit. After 2018, clubs became incapacitated due to borrowing. It was restructured with state banks. This allowed us to breathe a little. When we talk about inflation, exchange rates and the pandemic, there has also been a drop in broadcasting revenues and the system has become unusable. Our revenues are in TL and 80-85% of our expenses are in foreign currency. UEFA must understand us. mentioned.

Addressing the Presidency of Fenerbahçe Sports Club, which is his passion for sports and his childhood dream, our President Ali Y. Koç said: “We all have to fight together for the development of sports in the country” . he finished his speech.

Claudius Schafer, CEO of the Swiss Football League, who then took the podium, made statements on the reform of the Swiss Super League and on possible financial contributions to clubs and professional football in Switzerland.

La Liga President Javier Tebas also expressed his views on the cooperation between CVC Capital Partners, La Liga and the clubs, and in particular the benefits of this for the financial viability of Spanish football and clubs. .

Afterwards, our President Ali Y. Koç answered questions with Swiss Football League CEO Claudius Schafer and La Liga President Javier Tebas.

Drawing attention to what needs to be done to increase the brand value and economy of our league, our president said: “Think about the contribution of La Liga to the country. We’re not in the position we need to be right now. To attract investment, we need to improve the product. We had a serious loss of broadcast revenue in 5 years. Our league is physically competitive, but we are behind the top 5 European leagues. In addition to box office receipts, match receipts, advertising and jersey sales, new economic sectors such as digitalization must be created. The economy is driven by social media. We are behind Europe in this respect. There is competition on the pitch, but we also have common interests between the clubs on many other subjects. Gather around a table. The Club Association is closer to a solution to this problem. mentioned.

La Liga president Javier Tebas underlined the importance of economic sustainability in this episode, while Swiss Football League CEO Claudius Schafer said that on the UEFA side, solidarity should come first on the competition.

The 39th General Assembly of the Union of European Leagues will end tomorrow with a press conference.

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