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Rating of Beşiktaş matches by our football players

Fenerbahçe drew 1-1 with Beşiktaş in Week 36 of the Ahmet Çalık Super League Spor Toto season. After the fight, our footballers Ferdi Kadıoğlu, Marcel Tisserand and Filip Novak gave statements.

Ferdi Kadıoğlu: The whole team fought

Regarding the match, Ferdi said: “The derby matches are very important for us. Today, we gave everything on the pitch, we found 1-0. In fact, we could have made it 2-0. The opponent made it 1-1 because of a penalty we caused. We want to be in the Champions League next year, so every point is important for us. We could have won today so I’m disappointed but 1 point will be enough. We want to finish this work next week. It was a tough game. They started to provoke us in the first half and we fell into their trap. It was not a very smart decision on our part. The whole team fought and the match ended 1-1. We want to get 3 points in the game we will play at home next week. mentioned.

Marcel Tisserand: I’m happy with the defensive behavior of the team

Marcel Tisserand said: “Today was an interesting match for us. The opponent was also on the field with the desire to win. We scored the goal, but unfortunately we also saw the goal in our goal. Overall, I can say that I’m happy with the defensive behavior of the team. In such matches you have to focus on a high level both defensively and in general. Frankly, we had a chance to find both after the first goal, but unfortunately such things can happen in football, we couldn’t find the second goal. Now we will rest well and focus on the next game. he said.

Filip Novak: My feelings 50-50%

Regarding the match, Novak said: “I’m happy to score, but not happy with the penalty I caused. It was difficult for me to change positions, but it’s a position I’ve played before. I had 1 week to work in this position in training Football is sometimes like that You should be happy when you get 1 point from such a stat used the phrases.

Asked about his feelings, Novak said: “My feelings are 50-50%. I’m glad we scored and left with 1 point, but I have to be more careful about such mistakes in the future. But that’s how football is and I can’t change that at the moment.” he replied.

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