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Fenerbahçe Opet Women’s Volleyball Team bid farewell to the CEV Champions League in the semi-finals

Fenerbahçe Opet Women’s Volleyball Team hosted VakıfBank in the semi-finals of the CEV Champions League. At the end of the fight at the Burhan Felek Vestel Volleyball Hall, where our fans showed great interest, our team defeated its opponent 3-0 at the end of 25-14, 25-20 and 28-26 sets and carried the match to the golden set.
Our Women’s Volleyball Team, who lost 11-15 at the end of the golden set, said goodbye to the CEV Champions League in the semi-finals.

Melissa Vargas was the game’s top scorer with 24 points, followed by Arina Fedorovtseva with 10 points, Eda Erdem Dündar with 8 points, and Mina Popovic with 4 points.

Our Board Members Simla Türker Bayazıt, Mustafa Kemal Danabas, İlker Dinçay, Can Gebetaş, Selma Altay Rodopman and Ömer Okan also followed the match from the stands.

Our team took part in the field against VakıfBank with Naz Aydemir Akyol, Mina Popovic, Eda Erdem Dündar, Melissa Vargas, Arina Fedorovtseva, Meliha İsmailoğlu and libero Gizem Örge.

Fenerbahce Opet Women’s Volleyball Team started the game great with Arina and Melissa Vargas and made the score 5-0 right at the beginning of the set. While the visiting team had difficulties in scoring in this section, our team increased the lead to 9 points with the wind behind them at the beginning of the match (13-4). At the beginning of the set, our Team, which had a great advantage over its opponent especially in the blocks, increased the lead to double digits (18-7). While entering the final part of the set, our Women’s Volleyball Team, which disrupted the balance of the opponent with Arina and Meliha’s Aces and Eda’s mid attacks, won the set 25-14 with the points of Vargas and Arina Fedorovtseva that determined the end of the set.

Fenerbahce Opet Women’s Volleyball Team, which started the second set great as it did in the first set, entered the set 5-0 with Meliha, Eda and Arina. Although VakıfBank scored its first points in this set with Zehra Güneş, our team scored 11-4 with Melissa Vargas on the net and Arina on the serve. Gathering together in this episode with Gabriela Guimaraes and Michelle Bartsch-Hackley duo, VakıfBank reduced the gap to 4 points (12-8). Fenerbahce Opet, our Women’s Volleyball Team, which left the guest team’s moves to be partners in the match unsuccessful with scorers such as Captain Eda, Melissa and Arina, went ahead 2-0 in the sets with 25-20.

At the beginning of the set, which started with the mutual points of Melissa Vargas and Isabelle Haak, both teams showed a head-to-head game. Fenerbahçe won the score with Eda Erdem Dündar and Melissa Vargas in the continuation of the section where the score was equalized at 4-4 (9-6). Holding on to the match with Cansu Özbay and Zehra Güneş, VakıfBank equalized the score (9-9). In the continuation of the set, in which the names of the scorers of both teams came into play, the score superiority constantly changed hands. Fenerbahçe won the third set, the last part of which was the scene of great contention and we turned the set number 3 times (28-26).

Our team won the rematch of the away match 3-0 and thus moved the fight to the Golden Set.

In the Golden Set, which started balanced compared to the rest of the match; Increasing the tempo with names such as Gabriela Guimaraes, Michelle Bartsch-Hackley and Isabelle Haak, the guest team made the score 4-7. Even though our team tried to stay on the set with Melissa Vargas and Eda Erdem Dündar, VakıfBank won with 11-15. Thus, our Fenerbahçe bid farewell to the CEV Champions League in the semi-finals.

To access all the statistics of the match Click here.

Photos: Burak Saltik

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