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Fenerbahce Safiport 85-78 Botas

Fenerbahçe Safiport Women’s Basketball Team hosted Botaş in the 25th week match of Herbalife Nutrition Women’s Basketball Super League. Fenerbahçe won the match 85-78 in the Metro Energy Hall.

Our Board Member Mustafa Kemal Danabas also followed the match.

Our team fight; It started with five of Olcay Cakir Turgut, Kayla McBride, Alina Iagupova, Satou Sabally and Kiah Stokes.

The match started with Ayşe Cora and Kayla McBride’s mutual hit and won 3-8 with the visiting team Dubljevic and Sehernaz Çidal. Fenerbahce, stopping their opponent with the points of Kayla McBride and Satou Sabally, brought balance to the match (11-11). Botaş, who used Tilbe Şenyürek and Ayşegül Günay Aladağ effectively in the last five minutes of the quarter, caught a 7-point lead (15-23). Although our team lost the lead with the productive play of Tuğçe Canıtez and Olcay Çakır Turgut in the last section, Botaş finished the first quarter ahead with a score of 21-26.

Fenerbahce started the quarter fast with Kiah Stokes and Satou Sabally and reduced the lead to 1 point (25-26). Afterwards, Botaş caught a rhythm with Aija Jurjane, Annamaria Prezelj and Tilbe Şenyürek and carried the score to 25-36. With one and a half minutes to go, the guest team entered the locker room with a score of 36-45 in the second quarter, where the lead was reduced to 4 points.

Our Fenerbahce Safiport Women’s Basketball Team, which returned very well from the locker room; He started the quarter fast with the baskets of Alina Iagupova and Kayla McBride and reduced the lead to 3 points (47-50). Even though the visiting team Botaş breathed a sigh of relief after Tilbe Şenyürek’s hit from behind the 3-point line, our Women’s Basketball Team made a great comeback with the scorers and took the lead (60-58). Our Fenerbahçe Safiport Women’s Basketball Team, which stood out with its stealing statistics in the last section, where the opponent had difficulty in defending the painted area, entered the final period ahead 64-63.

Starting the final period well with Alina Iagupova and Amanda Zahui, Fenerbahçe entered the last five minutes of the match with a 73-67 superiority. Continuing to play well in the last section, our team won the court 85-78 and got its 13th consecutive win in the home field.

Our score distribution: Iagupova 23, Sabally 18, McBride 17, Zahui 9, Olcay 6, Tuğçe 5, Alperi 5, Stokes 2.

Click here to see the statistics of the match.

Photos: Ahmet Hopyar

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