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Halkbank 1-3 Fenerbahce HDI Insurance

Fenerbahçe HDI Sigorta Men’s Volleyball Team was the guest of Halkbank in the 26th and last week match of the AXA Sigorta Efeler League. Our team won the match hosted by Başkent Volleyball Hall 3-1 at the end of 22-25, 25-22, 18-25 and 19-25 sets, and finished the regular season with 21 wins and 63 points in the league.

Our Board Member Simla Türker Bayazıt also followed the match from the stands.

Our Fenerbahce fight; It started with six of them Saeid Marouf, Emre Batur, Metin Toy, Ahmet Tümer, Salvador Hidalgo, Yacine Louati and the liberos Hasan/Ahmet.

Starting with the mutual points of Metin Toy and Hernandez Ramos, our team caught a rhythm with Hidalgo and Ahmet Tümer and gained the 5-7 advantage. Afterwards, the home team, which recovered with scorers such as Hernandez Ramos and Vigrass, became a partner in the match (14-14). Fenerbahce, who once again took the lead with the duo of Yacine Louati and Hidalgo, went ahead 16-18 in the last section of the set. In the last part of the set, which was the scene of great contention, Metin Toy, Louati and Hidalgo completed the set ahead of our team (22-25).

Against our Team, which was more active right at the beginning of the set with Hidalgo and Yacine Louati’s points, Halkbank; Vigrass got the scoring advantage with Bruno and Yiğit Gülmezoğlu (18-14). Ankara representative, who carried his superiority until the last part of the set, won the set 25-22.

Fenerbahçe HDI Sigorta Men’s Volleyball Team, which started the third set well (0-2) with Emre Batur, managed to maintain its score advantage. With Hidalgo, Metin Toy and Emre Batur’s attempts by the hosts to be partners in the set with Yiğit Gülmezoğlu and Hernandez Ramos unsuccessful, our team went ahead 2-1 in the sets with Yacine Louati’s score contribution (18-25).

Fenerbahce HDI Sigorta Men’s Volleyball Team, who stopped Halkbank with Emre Batur and Salvador Hidalgo, who started the fourth set fast with Yiğit Gülmezoğlu and Furkan Aydın’s points, made it 7-11. Our Men’s Volleyball Team, which got the maximum efficiency from two scorers like Louati and Metin Toy after the set, increased the gap up to 5 points (14-19). Fenerbahce HDI Sigorta Men’s Volleyball Team, which had a great advantage in the block with Hasan Sikar and Hidalgo as we entered the last part of the set, finished the set 19-25; won the game 3-1.

To reach the statistics of the match click here.

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