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Highways 0-3 Fenerbahce Opet

Fenerbahçe Opet Women’s Volleyball Team hosted Karayolları in the 26th and last week match of Sultans League. Our Team, which won the match 3-0 at the end of 18-25, 19-25 and 11-25 sets, finished the regular season with 22 victories and 66 points.

Our Women’s Volleyball Team is fighting; It started with Arina Fedorovtseva, Naz Aydemir Akyol, Dicle Nur Babat, Tutku Burcu Yüzgenç, Cristina De Souza six and libero Gizem Örge.

At the end of the fast attacks, Ceren Karagöl scored 2-0 and our first point against the Highways came from Arina (2-1). Having achieved a 6-4 lead with Yasemin Özel and Fatmanur Yılmaz, Fenerbahçe found an important rhythm with Arina Fedorovtseva and turned the scoring advantage in favor (6-7). Having failed the opponent’s attempts to be a partner in the match with Tutku Burcu Yüzgenç’s blocking performance, our Team maintained its superiority (8-9). With the contribution of Cristina De Souza and Naz Aydemir Akyol, the gap increased to 3 points (12-15). Our Team, which put Karayolları under pressure with high percentage of players like Arina and De Souza, which had problems in receiving service in the critical part of the set, won the set 18-25.

We started well with Dicle Nur Babat and Buse Ünal, and with the scoring contribution of Arina Fedorovtseva, our team took the lead by 2-4. Afterwards, the home team, who found an important series with Ceren Karagöl and Yasemin Özel, took the advantage of the score (6-4). In this episode, our Women’s Volleyball Team, which put its weight on the set with De Souza and Passion Burcu duo, turned the score advantage in its favor again in the set (6-9). Even though the score was balanced in the continuation of the set in which mutual service errors were experienced, our Fenerbahçe Opet Women’s Volleyball Team, which increased its gear, carried the score to 15-21. Reacting with Merve Nezir against this score, Karayolları reduced the lead to 2 points at the end of the 4-0 series (19-21). After this score, our Team came to the side with the timeout of our Head Coach Zoran Terzic, and won the set with the points of Beliz Başkır and Ana Cristina De Souza, who are hot-handed names, after the timeout (19-25).

Putting their weight on the set, which started with the mutual points of Tutku Burcu Yüzgenç and Merve Nezir, our team achieved the lead by 4-9. Although Ankara representative made a productive profile to be a partner in the set with Yasemin Özel, the gap went up to 8 points (8-16) with names like Dicle Nur Babat and Arina Fedorovtseva with high performance over the net. Fenerbahce Opet Women’s Volleyball Team set 11-25; won the game 3-0.

To get the statistics of the match Click here.

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