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Our coach İsmail Kartal: We got a more comfortable victory than expected with our patient game.

Our coach İsmail Kartal gave a statement to the broadcaster after the match with Çaykur Rizespor, which we won 6-0.

Assessing the game, İsmail Kartal said, “We knew this game would be tough for both teams. We knew our opponent would start this match with the ambition to retain the championship and that they would play aggressively. I told my players that we were going to play our own game, be calm, and even if we couldn’t score a goal by playing our patient game, we had to show our strength to the opponent by being patient in the game without panicking and looking at the opponent’s moments of impatience, and that we had to make the last passes, the last shots or the goal moves at those moments. We started the game very patiently. At the start of the game, I think the opposing team was motivated enough that the first red card made things a little easier for us. With 10 opponents remaining, the team relaxed even more. The goal we found early playing our own game… Then there was a break in the game, but the first half ended 3-0 with goals from the penalty spot. In the meantime, we have taken 2 of our players out of the game, who were on the verge of yellow cards. Then, with the changes we made and the goals we scored in the second half, we got a different win. We are very happy to have won. We have started focusing on the Gaziantep match which we will play next week. Congratulations to my players. With our patient game, we got a more comfortable win than we expected with our own game. It was like that because there were 10 opponents left. Although 10 people stayed, we didn’t give up the seriousness. We continued our patient game and came away with a win. mentioned.

Commenting on the team’s attacking power, our coach İsmail Kartal said: “If we include the Shakhtar Donetsk game, we haven’t conceded for 5 games, thank God. We move with changes of position in the game to surprise the opponent. For example, left-back Ferdi played as a midfielder from time to time today. The midfielder played as a left-back. We are trying to increase our offensive efficiency by relocating some players. My players like it too. They say it after training, after games. We work. So far, so good. Congratulations again to my players. he said.

Regarding Çaykur Rizespor, İsmail Kartal said: “As for Rizespor, it is a beautiful city, a beautiful club. I have worked here before. I wish Rizespor success. A great community. He does not deserve these places, he deserves much better places. I wish you success.” commented.

Finally, İsmail Hoca assessed Arda Güler’s performance and said, “We put Arda in the game within 45 seconds. He started in the starting XI of the Shakhtar Donetsk match. We try to play every day. We have a balance within the team. Everyone in and out of these sales tries to do their best. Arda also did some positive things after coming into the game today. I am at the same distance from everyone; In Arda, in İrfan Can, in Nazim Sangare, in Tisserand. I love them all, they are all my players. he concluded his speech.

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