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Our manager, Mustafa Kemal Danabas, evaluated the change made by TBF regarding the foreign player rule and the situation of Fenerbahçe Safiport.

Our Board Member, Mustafa Kemal Danabas, evaluated the change made by the Turkish Basketball Federation regarding the foreign player rule in the Women’s Basketball Super League and the latest situation of our Fenerbahçe Safiport Women’s Basketball Team to AA correspondents.

Our manager, Mustafa Kemal Danabas, said that they do not accept the decision of the Turkish Basketball Federation to have a maximum of 3 foreign players to be in the team’s squad starting from next season in the Women’s Basketball Super League.

Reacting to the change in the foreign player rule, Mustafa Kemal Danabas said, “We encountered such a situation while we were after a formula that would allow more foreigners. It is not possible to accept this decision, we do not believe it was a rational decision. I do not believe this decision was taken with thought. Fenerbahçe” It’s a decision taken to bring it below its high-level point and below its high potential. It is not possible to accept it.” used the expressions.

Expressing that Fenerbahçe is the locomotive of Turkish women’s basketball, our Manager shared the following views:

“Fenerbahçe is the first club that comes to mind when it comes to women’s basketball in Turkey and in Europe. Fenerbahçe aims for the top in every field it competes in and becomes the locomotive of that branch. Therefore, it is our decision to accept this rule change, which was made without consulting Fenerbahce’s opinion in any way. Not possible. There are 6 foreign players in the current rule. We were not consulted in any way, only the general managers of the clubs participated. Here were some ideas about the foreign rule change. We are absolutely against an attempt to reduce the number of foreigners in our club through our general manager who attended the meeting TBF We’ve forwarded it to.”

“They said they talked to me, but no one spoke”

Underlining that the Federation officials took such a decision without consulting them, Mustafa Kemal Danabas continued his words as follows:

“They said they consulted us and even talked to me. However, no one spoke to me. They said they talked to our president, but no one spoke to him either. Fenerbahce, the locomotive of women’s basketball in Turkey, does not have to accept the shortage of foreigners that will come into play. Its biggest investment in women’s basketball. We are the club that makes such changes. All over the world, such changes are announced within a certain projection, starting 1-2 years later. We have contracts. We do not accept a foreign rule change that will be valid after 3 months. The federation of TBF basketball clubs. Its task is to play basketball in the best way for men and women. to bring it to a good level, to ensure that there are clubs that have a voice in Europe and in the world.”

“Instead of trying to raise everyone to the top level of Fenerbahçe, they are reducing Fenerbahçe to the level of clubs that invest less in this sport.” Mustafa Kemal Danabas, our Member of the Board of Directors, said, “I wish TBF would produce a formula that would bring other clubs to the top in Europe and create a source of income. None of this is done, the easiest way is to bring Fenerbahce down, let’s balance the league. There is no other explanation for this. Our Federation and President Hidayet Türkoğlu, they know best the contribution of successful foreign players to Turkish women’s basketball and the awareness they create, they are very knowledgeable about it.” she said.

“Hidayet Türkoğlu will play an important role in changing the decision”

Mustafa Kemal Danabas said that they believe that TBF President Hidayet Türkoğlu will play an important role in changing the decision taken regarding the foreign player rule.

Stating that Türkoğlu is a player who has played in the league and the NBA for years, and that he knows very well the contribution of foreign players to the brand value of basketball, Danabas said:

“We demand that the Turkish Basketball Federation immediately review this decision and take a step back. Mr. President Hidayet Türkoğlu is someone who knows the benefits of the foreign rule in basketball. I am sure he will play an important role in changing this decision as a result of the meetings and negotiations he will hold with his staff. We believe in this.”

Emphasizing that no fouls were played against their opponents for more than 13 minutes in the away match against Galatasaray and that this is proof of a balancing operation, Mustafa Kemal Danabas said that they hope this situation will not be repeated in the Turkish Cup matches.

“Our goal is to become the champion in the FIBA ​​Women’s Europa League”

Mustafa Kemal Danabas stated that they believe they will be champions in the FIBA ​​Women’s Europa League.

Reminding that Fenerbahçe Safiport will compete in the Final Four in the organization for the second time in a row, Danabas said, “Our goals are very big. I hope we will do important things in the Final Four this year. We do not cut our investment. After all, we represent Turkey. The summit war.” We aim to continue. Our goal is to become the champion in the FIBA ​​Women’s Europa League.” he said.

Noting that they lost the FIBA ​​Women’s Europa League 3 times in the finals, Kemal Danabas said, “Russian teams were expelled from the tournament, I wish it didn’t happen because we trust our team and our potential. If there were Russian teams, Fenerbahçe would be the biggest championship candidate of this season. As Fenerbahçe Safiport, we are a very nice family. “The most important factor of success is being a family, and we have a very important advantage in this regard. We have a positive, goal-focused team line with our head coach Victor Lapena. We trust him, all our technical and administrative staff and our valuable players.” used the expressions.

Stating that they will apply to FIBA ​​for the Final Four to be held at Ülker Sports and Event Hall, our Manager Mustafa Kemal Danabas concluded his words as follows:

“We expect them to support our club in every sense, by acting together with our federation in this regard, which will raise awareness about the country’s basketball. With the support of our fans, we will win the FIBA ​​Women’s Europa League, which I believe our community has been waiting for for many years and I believe it deserves, as Fenerbahçe Safiport, and that the trophy is in our team’s hands. I believe with all my heart that he will rise.”

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