Wednesday, May 18, 2022
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Statement about the lawsuit we filed against TFF

The first hearing of the lawsuit filed against the Turkish Football Federation, demanding compensation for the damages suffered by Fenerbahçe, the victim of the 3 July plot, was held on 10 March 2022.

In this hearing, it was decided to send the file to the competent authority for the review of the TFF’s refusal request, and no examination was made in terms of procedural or substantive aspects of the case file.

Necessary examination was made by the competent court for the rejection of the TFF’s request for a judge, and the defendant’s application to the judge for the rejection of the defendant was not found in place and it was decided to reject the request.

If the defendant (TFF) files an appeal against this decision, the case will be continued after the appeal has been reviewed in terms of the judge’s request for file rejection.

This process, which was initiated for the compensation of our club’s rights, is closely followed by our club.

We present to the public once again that we will stand behind our just cause until the end, with all our wisdom and the strength of our supporters.

It is announced to the public.

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