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Statements of our head coach Aleksandar Djordjevic after the Alba Berlin match

Our head coach Aleksandar Djordjevic said the following after the defeat against Alba Berlin:

“It’s a very difficult situation. Actually, we started the game very well, but we couldn’t respond in the difficult moments to respond. Alba Berlin found very open shots. There is no explanation for the second quarter. We played 4 matches in 7 days. We had travels. Our injuries have just returned and they are not in match form yet. “So we saw that the fighting strength on the pitch was a little low. We showed character in the second half. It was a good comeback. It was a nice feature but in the end it was a bad loss. The players needed to play with more pride for this jersey and for this club, showing character, those moments of fighting.” I would wait for them to show it for 40 minutes. Our opponent was very good in playmaking and offense. We didn’t have any offensive weapons other than the captain. He shouldn’t have shouldered the team alone.

Being a professional means giving your 100 percent or even more to your club on the field. Not only in the game, but in your life all season. It could be rest, it could be healthy food. Also in the sense of fulfilling all your responsibilities as a player with respect. This is my perspective as a former basketball player and basketball man, and that’s how it should be.

(Mental fatigue) Actually, it all started with the elimination of the Russian teams. It was something that was on their minds and that we talked about every day. Because there was something taken from us, there was an injustice. We talked constantly to motivate them and make sure they didn’t fall. Then we didn’t play in front of the audience for 15 days. While we had to play 3 games in a row since the Real match, and we had to catch our self-confidence and our rhythm at home, we could not experience them. There have been delays. On top of that, we had injuries again. Henry 1 month, Jan Vesely 3 months, Barthel absent for very long. Barthel played his first home game this season. We experienced some truly incredible things. These too are facts. We were ready for this match, we were hot. On the one hand, Nando De Colo’s injury in Baskonia after a long process, after catching his rhythm… Again, you are preparing a plan. While playing 4 matches in 7 days, the whole situation suddenly changes. You try to do something else again, it crashes it all emotionally. Nando De Colo is really ruined. He was playing very well, caught the rhythm of the match and was in full form. But it didn’t. Of course, such things can be difficult when you lose your leader. “

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