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Vefa Küçük, Chairman of the Supreme Council, responded to the outrageous statements of Trabzonspor Board Chairman Ali Sürmen.

Vefa Küçük, Chairman of the Supreme Council,our biggest proof is our sweat’ about our 2010-2011 championship that we won by saying,

Making statements to TSYD Trabzon Branch Magazine, Trabzonspor Council Chairman Ali Sürmen evaluated the outrageous statements to Anadolu Agency.

Vefa Küçük, Chairman of the Supreme Council, spoke as follows:

Today, in the journal of the Turkish Sports Writers Association, some outrageous words of Trabzonspor Council Chairman Ali Sürmen were reflected on the agenda. He said, ‘We are running for the championship again after 11 years, not 38’, he said, ‘Never forgetting 2011’. He said they paid a high price. First of all, no sports club in this Republic has paid an iota of the price paid by Fenerbahçe, the champion of 2010-11.

The poor terrorist organization called FETO and those in its path attacked Fenerbahçe with all their might, under the pretext of Atatürk’s Club, the champion’s trophy, the stronghold of the Republic. However, Fenerbahce did not stop following the footsteps of his father, neither the championship nor the cup, by fighting as a whole, he did not give up!
He fought on a different front every day for 10 years, he was never afraid and never took a step back!

Those who spoke today, those who embraced 2011 thought that that championship would be presented to them on a gold platter. However, they were surprised when they faced the resistance of Fenerbahçe.

Fenerbahce was fighting with FETO’s police, prosecutor and media as every door opened for them.

Today, the legal consequences of this struggle are clear.

To reject this situation, to hold an opinion against it, to open it up for interpretation does not mean anything other than legitimizing all the operations carried out by FETO, which intends the existence of the Republic of Turkey, to this country.

This championship, which is engraved in our history with golden letters, will have a separate place from all the championships won in the past and will be won in the future, and will be told from generation to generation with pride and honor.

Everyone, including the city of Trabzonspor, has to respect Fenerbahçe and its struggle, which is the symbol of Turkey’s awakening against FETO.

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