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Fenerbahce 2-1 Fatih Vatan Spor

Fenerbahçe Women’s Football Team hosted Fatih Vatan Spor in the 16th week match of the Turkcell Women’s Football Super League. Fenerbahce won 2-1 in the match, where the combat dosage was high. The goals that brought the victory to our team; Captain Fatma Kara Şahinbaş (P) in the 3rd minute, 90+6. minutes Kennya Cordner recorded. The only goal of the opponent came from Fatma Ataş (P) in the 7th minute. After this result, Fenerbahçe increased its score to 40.

Captain Fatma Kara Şahinbaş remained on the ground after the opponent’s harsh intervention shortly before the end of the match and could not continue the game.

Our Board Member Mustafa Kemal Danabas also watched the match played at Beylerbeyi 75. Yıl Stadium.

Fenerbahçe will be the guest of Amed Sportive Activities on Saturday, April 2, in the 17th week match. The match to be played at Amedspor Facilities Synthetic Field will start at 12:00.

Minutes from the match:

3rd minute Our team won a penalty with Kennya Cordner. Moving into the penalty area, Cordner remained on the ground after the intervention of the goalkeeper and the referee showed the penalty spot without hesitation. Captain Fatma Kara Şahinbaş, who hit the ball, sent the ball into the nets with an elegant shot: 1-0.
Fenerbahçe came very close to the goal with Kennya Cordner in the 6th minute. Moving into the ball thrown deep into the penalty area, Cordner faced the goalkeeper. The ball narrowly went away on his kick.
The visiting team won a penalty in the 7th minute. Even though our goalkeeper Ezgi Çağlar guessed the corner, Fatma Ataş brought the ball into the nets: 1-1.
In the 18th minute, our Women’s Football Team created a danger with Setenay from the right in the opponent’s goal. Setenay, who was moving the ball in the penalty area with Coleman’s intermediate pass, came from the opponent’s defense.
We felt the goal with Erin Yenney in the 28th minute. In Yenney’s hard shot, Cordner brought the ball in front of the penalty arc, and the ball went narrowly.
Cordner, who hit Demet from the right wing into the penalty area in the 43rd minute, hit the goalkeeper’s shot.
In the 50th minute, our team once again came very close to scoring with Cordner. Moving into the penalty area with the ball he had in the midfield, Cordner went down to the last line. His kick was intercepted by the defense at the goal line.
In the 65th minute, the name that approached the goal in Fenerbahçe was Coleman this time. His shot from just outside the penalty area got the ball in the goalkeeper.
At 90+4.minutes, we are once again at the rival goal with Coleman. It was Coleman who moved into Jaleca’s long ball from our own half of the field. After the fight with his opponent in the penalty area, the ball went out.
90+6. Fenerbahce scored the second goal with Kennya Cordner in the second minute. Jessica’s long pass moved to the opponent’s penalty area, and Cordner’s stabbing shot hit the net: 2-1.

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