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Our coach Nihan Su and our football players evaluated the 6-0 victory of Hatayspor.

Fenerbahçe Women’s Football Team defeated Hatayspor 6-0 in the 18th week match of Turkcell Women’s Football Super League. After the match, our coach Nihan Su and our players made the following comments to FB TV:

Our Technical Director Nihan Su: “We are trying to improve our game every day. We are a team with character and stance, and we integrate this with our performance. It was very important for us to see the results of our work on the field. I am very happy from that point of view. An important win. Every match is a preparation for the next match. It is also very important that the players we assign make good use of this chance.

Kennya is not in a serious condition, thank goodness. As long as the score goes as we want, we rest our players in order to give them a chance and protect them. We are very happy with our win. Our opponent lost points. We will take the responsibility more and we will continue to win and make our community happy.

We say that each of our players is valuable and that they should achieve great success on behalf of this community. From time to time, there may be sadness in players who do not play. That’s the rule of the game. It makes us happy to see that fighting desire if they come in. Our players want to play here for a long time. We put out a beautiful picture. We are in a good place in the ranking, even though we are a new team. I hope it continues like this, we will be champions at the end of the road.”

Dilan Bora: Our team is in very good shape. We have 4 games left in the regular season. Thank you to our teacher for giving the first 11 chances. We are happy. We are progressing step by step towards the championship.

Delicate Ruby: “We prepared very well for this match. Whatever you do in training is reflected in the match. It was reflected in the game as well. Our passing game, our shots were good. Good win. I believe that we will play the other matches with the same motivation.”

Shameeka Fishley: “We found the necessary opportunities in the first half, but we could not seize them. We were more careful in the second half, we took advantage of the opportunities we found. We are happy. We are working harder every day. We will do our best to work harder in the play-offs and become the champion.”

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