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Our coach İsmail Kartal: We were rewarded for our disciplined and challenging game

Our coach İsmail Kartal made a statement after the game in which we beat Galatasaray 2-0. Sharing his view on the win, İsmail Kartal pointed out that our team’s discipline and good fighting game paid off.

Assessing Galatasaray’s 2-0 win to the broadcaster, our technical director İsmail Kartal said: “In the interview we did with you before the game, I said that we prepared well for this game. At the start of the week, on the first day of training, I had a few meetings with my players. I explained the importance and meaning of this match. They were already aware of it. Today, I told my players: The key to the match, the lock will be; we’ll do our own thing. I explained to my players that we will fight on the pitch today to do our job, acting rationally on the pitch while doing our job, without breaking with tactical discipline, according to our game discipline. , and that it is necessary to complete 11 against 11 matches. We try to do our own thing, no matter who the opponent is, we try to play our own football. Today we did it, we succeeded, we stayed calm. We knew he would be waiting in-game from time to time. We covered the opponent compactly in the second region. From time to time we put a lot of pressure on the forward in the third region and prevented the opposition from coming towards us. All of our plans worked. I was predicting how Galatasaray would be against us. With our team, we have analyzed at least 7-8 games played, including the Barcelona one. I don’t think we were given a lot of positions because we thought their game plan was to be able to stop us, they had a quick attack plan with the ball which they won by meeting in the second region . It turned out to be so. But whatever we do, taking this into account, they also have effective weapons at the front; Like Kerem, like Babel, it had to be taken into account, the background had to be shared. We’ve been focused on that since the start of the week to do our own thing. Also, our goal was to start 11 people and finish 11 people. I’m just going to say it one more time, like I just said; I spoke to my players about our tactical discipline, our patient game until the end, our passing game, that we had to keep the ball and that we should never act unconsciously in the game. And they really did what I said today. I think we had the reward of our disciplined game today, our good fighting game. Here today in Kadıköy, I would like to sincerely thank all our Fenerbahce fans who supported us. I dedicate this win to the big Fenerbahçe fans for coming here and supporting us. I said it the first day of my arrival, and I repeat it; Let them trust this team, these players, and we won’t embarrass them. This is how we have always been. These guys didn’t embarrass our fans today, they should trust the team, trust us; We try to do our best with this team, with these players. We want to make our fans happy. If they are, we are. I repeat, today we present this victory to our fans, the big fans of Fenerbahce. May this victory be a gift for our community. A big thank you to my players. They fulfilled all the tasks that I said and entrusted to them; Tactically and in terms of game discipline. I thank them very much. mentioned.

İsmail Hoca answered the question about being the coach with the most Super League points after taking over as follows:

“Honestly, I don’t pay too much attention to that aspect of the business. Before me, me, after me… I have no idea of ​​competing or comparing myself to anyone. As Fenerbahçe fans, we try to do our best with my team. We are looking game by game right now. At the point where we reached, we integrated with our fans. We now have enthusiasm and energy at home in the beautiful stadium of Kadıköy. Our fans trust us. Our president and our managers trust us and believe in us. We want to finish the league in the best way by improving our game in every game together. We came, we ensured unity with our players. Everything is fine now. I hope we can continue like this until the end of the season.

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