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Our head coach Aleksandar Djordjevic and our captain Melih Mahmutoğlu evaluated the Bayern Munich victory

Our head coach Aleksandar Djordjevic and our captain Melih Mahmutoğlu made statements after the match where we defeated Bayern Munich 81-76 in the 26th week (postponement) match of the Turkish Airlines EuroLeague 2021-22 season.

Evaluating the match at the press conference held after the match, our Head Coach Aleksandar Djordjevic said, “We played well in the first two quarters. We opened the game well, shared the ball well, ran the field well, defended well and turned their mistakes in our favor. We started the third quarter with no rhythm. We had a problem installing the game. We let our opponent catch a series very easily. I don’t have a clear explanation about this episode, but as a team, we showed character in the continuation of the game and we managed to come back. The contribution of the players from the bench, the energy I can get from them is very valuable. It is important that the performances of players returning from injury show an upward trend. We came back with the support of our fans and we managed to win. This match should have been played 3 days after the Real Madrid match, which we won enthusiastically on February 11 in a packed hall. I remember very well how motivated we were at that time. As of the point where the season has come, one of our biggest difficulty points is motivation, while we have no play-off claim. We won this today with the support of our fans and put up a good fight.” said.

Asked about Marko Guduric’s injury, he said: “It doesn’t look very serious, but we’ll check it out in the coming days.” gave the answer.

Asked about Jan Vesely’s technical foul, Djordjevic replied, “He should be calmer. He should express his reactions more calmly. I can see his ambition, his will to win, I can understand, but he should be calmer.” gave the answer.

When asked about Markel Starks’ performance, Djordjevic said, “He gave a good performance. He has a 3-pointer hit. A self-confident player. He reflected that on the field. He had a good game in Afyon. He is also in good physical condition. He was one of the players who got injured after coming here. As a team, we are closely following Nando’s arrival. Especially in the last moment of the matches, clear leadership, possession of the ball, and playmaker are the points we look for in shorts.” he replied.

Speaking to Fenerbahçe TV, our captain, Melih Mahmutoğlu, said, “If we had played this match in the regular time after the Real Madrid match and played the game in a way that our 3 victories were not taken from us, it would have been very different. Maybe we would be talking about the definitive playoffs right now. Unfortunately we are in this situation. Now our focus is on the Turkish League, but it is always important to win the remaining games here. So did it today. We started well. Our pace slowed down in the second half. We fell behind with his disadvantage. It was clear it wouldn’t be easy. We had a good match with the struggle. Our fans also supported, we thank them. It was our last EuroLeague game here. Turkish League continues. We will give our all to be the champion there.” said.

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