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Statements from our players Nazim Sangare and Filip Novak

Our footballers Nazim Sangare and Filip Novak made statements after the friendly match played by the Ukrainian team Shakhtar Donetsk in our stadium as part of the “Shakhtar Donetsk Global Tour”, which was launched to attract attention and contribute on the theme of peace.

Nazim Sangare: It was a good organization today. Playing is important for us, but more importantly it was a peaceful game for the opposing team. I saw in the eyes of some players on the opposing team that they were suffering more. I have a lot of respect for them. It’s very difficult for them to come here today and play football. May God help them. Hopefully this war will end soon. Not just in Ukraine, but all over the world…

Philip Novak:It was important to go on the field and show that we supported them, and that’s what we did. We are also happy to have won. We continued our series. We hope to continue like this in the next game.

For the friendly behavior of the players of both teams at the end of the game, “At the end of the match, there were really beautiful images. It was very meaningful for our fans to come to the stadium and show their support. Because proceeds from here will go to Shaktar and war victims there. I hope the situation in Ukraine will be resolved as soon as possible and they will start playing football again.he commented.

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